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A Home on Wheels

When I was little, I wanted to live in a small house on a large plot of land surrounded by fruit trees and a creek running through. Oh, and I would be able to fly my house anywhere I wanted. While the flying part might have to wait a few centuries, and the large plot of land another decade, a…

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Long Term Expenses

As much as my right brain would love to be able to just drop everything and head out on the road right now! now! now! My left brain insists that we plan! plan! plan! Left brain usually wins these arguments. Usually. We have a lot of ground to cover financially. I’ve listed the 4 largest expenses in the order they…

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The Road Ahead

¬† Taking a year off and hitting the road is no small feat. So much has to be considered. So. So. Much. It’s a bit overwhelming to think about all at once. We need to buy a trailer, find a car to tow the trailer, debts need to be paid off, routes need to be mapped and more. I’m going…

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