My Favorite Tiny Homes

The tiny home movement came into my consciousness via the internet a couple of years ago and fell in love instantly. So many hours were spent scrolling through Pinterest, looking for the perfect tiny home. But at the time that’s all I was able to do, just look. I didn’t own land, so there was no place to park a tiny house. Even if I did buy a plot of land, I’m not sure the city of Houston housing ordinances would allow something like that to be a stand alone building.

But now that we are going on a year long road trip, we can actually buy one and have use for it!

Sam is pretty handy, so we thought about building a tiny home ourselves (I blame is on Tiny House, Big Living) but neither of us have ever taken on a project this big, especially something that is going to be constantly vibrating while we drive down the road. Plus we still have no idea how long it would take to build one.

So, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite tiny homes to help me choose more easily. The tiny homes on this list are all standard builds. Well, standard as in not custom and can be replicated.

The Alpha Tiny Home from New Frontier Tiny Homes is possibly the most beautiful tiny house out there:

This beauty features charred Shou Sugi Ban (Japanese for fancy burned) cedar siding, Solid Walnut Hardwood Floor (hand hewn), 33” Ariel® Stainless Steel farm house apron sink, Peacock Gold Granite Countertops, Jacuzzi® tub and shower (full size) and . My heart did a little flutter with every feature my eyes gazed. That is until I saw the price: 95K. Not keen on taking out a second mortgage, I reluctantly moved on.

I found Escape Travelers Tiny Homes while casually browsing Pinterest. Just like the Alpha tiny home, the first time I laid eyes on the it I fell in love.

Clean lines, simple layout, giant windows on all sides, whats not to love? The Escape Vista comes in three sizes: Vista, Vista Go and Vista Sport. With the Vista Sport costing only $29,800 and weighing 4900lbs (Edit: Just checked and the Vista Go actually weighs less at 4500lbs), you can tow this tiny home with a mid to full size SUV.

Escape Travelers also makes a 2 story tiny home that I love called the Traveler. It has the same design aesthetics as the vista but offers more room:

How freaking precious right? Obviously this model is heavier than the vista at 10,000lbs and $60,000, and it would require a larger, heavier fuel consumption vehicle to tow it. It would be nice to have the extra bed when friends or family come to visit, and think about all the extra storage space!

The Mansion by Uncharted Tiny Homes has a pretty basic layout, loft, kitchen underneath, bathroom with second loft above, but the materials and color choices really make it stand out.

The light color walls and ceilings really make it feel exceptionally light and airy. I’m also somewhat of a sucker for the navy cabinets and barn doors. The mansion starts at $60,000 but if that’s too steep, there is also slightly smaller Mansion Jr. which starts at $52,500:

It might be called “jr” but by no means is it small.

I first saw the Atlas Tiny House on Tiny House, Big Living.

I was impressed at the beautiful outdoor bar, the large window wall and the simple clean lines of the inside. All on an 18ft trailer weighing in at 7500lbs. The bed upstairs is a queen and the futon downstairs pulls out. its also equipped with solar panels and rain gutters that collects water that is then filtered and stored for use!


Do you have a favorite tiny home model? Let me know!

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