Long Term Expenses

As much as my right brain would love to be able to just drop everything and head out on the road right now! now! now! My left brain insists that we plan! plan! plan! Left brain usually wins these arguments. Usually.

We have a lot of ground to cover financially. I’ve listed the 4 largest expenses in the order they need to be completed:

Pay off car

I bought my car in 2013. It was the most expensive thing I had ever bought at that point and I loved it. Can you tell I’m beaming with pride from the picture? I still love it to this day and I’m still paying for it. It’s an added monthly expense that does not need to exist. 

Pay off house 

We bought our house in March of this year. I know, it sounds insane that we want to pay it off before we take a trip of a lifetime, especially since it takes most people 30 years to pay off their homes. But, we don’t want the burden of having a mortgage payment hanging over our heads when we are supposed to be carefree. It’s going to take a lot of sacrificing, but I think it will be worth it in the end. We can also rent it out to have some extra income while we are on the road.

Buy a mobile home

This one is pretty self-explanatory. We have to live somewhere! I haven’t decided exactly what type of home, I just know it has to have wheels. Size wise, I want something small but still able to accommodate 2 adults and 2 medium size dogs.

Save for travel expenses 

Expenses on the road are hard to estimate, especially when you’ve never been on the road before. My strategy is to account for as many expenses that I think we will be making and add a hefty padding to it. 

Daily RV Camping Fees: $30.00/day x 365 = $10,950
Daily Food Expenses: $20.00/day x 365 = $7,300
Gasoline: $1000/month x 12 = $12,000
Pet Expenses: $100/month x 12 = $1,200
RV Maintenance = $10,000
Padding: $10,000
Total: $51,450 


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