Happy new year! I can’t believe we are already a few days into the 2017! I’ve been trying to decide on a New Years resolution. The other night while I was having a quiet night in by myself, I watched a new documentary on Netflix called Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things. It shows the life of multiple people from all walks of life and how minimalism has changed their lives and made them happier. I highly recommend it. This got me thinking about how much clutter I have in my house. I’m pretty sure I still have boxes that are unopened from when we moved in March.

So, I decided 2017 is the year I will declutter my life! Starting with my closets. Yes, that’s closets with an “s”.

Lets start with the main closet:

Our closet has a pretty basic layout (the two sides are connected). I know its small compared to some of the cavern of a walk-in-closet some of you have, but just as it is, I find myself constantly discovering clothes that I have not worn or still has a tag, or totally forgot about. My dresses have migrated over to Sam’s half since they need the full length height to hang properly. My bags/purses are pretty much stuffed/hung into spaces that are available.  As you can see, Sam seems to be much further ahead when it comes to minimalism than I am. He is infuriatingly disciplined sometimes.

After some googling I found an abundance of websites that have great plans for a capsule wardrobe, usually containing 30 items or so. While I love the idea of paring down my closet to one of those beautiful, clean, streamlined closets you see on Pinterest that are never over stuffed, and the hangers are all wooden and evenly spaced (ha!), I prefer a gradual method. So I gathered the good advice and modified them to ease myself into the process:

1. Take out items that are ripped/broken/missing a button

Take a hard look at these items. Do you still have that missing button? Are you really going to re-hen those pants where it’s come undone? Are you going to repair that rip? If the answer is yes, do it now! If not depending on the condition, put it in a donation or trash pile.

2. Try on all your clothes

We are mainly looking for fit. Maybe you have a pair of pants that you LOVE but are just a little too big or too small? Box these items up. You don’t have to get rid of them but since they don’t fit, you are probably not wearing them anyway. This step can seem tedious but it doesn’t have to be. Remember when Carrie had to clean out her closet when she moved in with Big in the first Sex and the City movie? She called her friends and had a fashion show! Make this step fun! Invite some friends over and break out the wine!

3. Flip your hangers over when you hang up clean laundry.

At this point, everything in your closet should be wearable. Now comes the easy part. Every time you are hanging up clean laundry turn your hanger hook facing the opposite way you usually hang it.

This way, after a certain amount of time, you will be able to easily see what you have or have not worn. I’ll plan to do this for 3 months (Jan-March) to capture the full spectrum of weather in Houston. If you live where there are distinct 4 seasons then you will probably need longer, up to 6 months. If you buy new clothes they go on hangers that are facing out until they are worn and washed. But since this is a minimalism exercise, try not to add anything.

4. Go through the clothes on hangers that are not flipped.

So you finally have to face the facts. These are the items that you have not worn. At this point you will sort these items into LOVE / Maybe/ Eh piles. Donate the “Eh” pile! You don’t like it and you don’t wear it! Keep the LOVE pile and Decide for yourself what you want to do with the Maybe pile. At this point I will be ready to start a capsule wardrobe!

I will be updating you periodically on the progress of my closet cleanup. If you are looking for a more drastic approach, check out and

Wish me luck!


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