Austin, TX

We were in Austin this past weekend catching up with Sam’s Mom and sister. Austin has always held a special place in my heart. I spend a portion of my childhood here, went to college here, met my best friends here. There is a sense of comfort and familiarity and ease about this city that no other city has been able to fill.

This being their first time in Austin, I was eager to impress Michele and Jill with all the best of’s in Austin. I planned a weekend of non stop adventure filled with sight-seeing, shopping, chowing, hiking, kayaking, etc. Basically what every Austinite would do on a beautiful, sunny Texas December weekend. But mother nature had different plans. It was pouring when we picked Michele up at the airport and didn’t looked like it was going to stop anytime soon. So, plans had to be changed. But even in the rain, Austin pulled through.

After being filled to the brim at Kirby Lane Cafe, we ventured north to Inner Space Caverns in George Town, just 30 mins outside of Austin.


Of course a visit to the Capital Building is always worth a visit on rainy days.

The rain let up a bit on Sunday so we were able to pop outside and visit one of my favorite spots:

Mt. Bonnell is always a show stopper, even with clouds threatening to pour down on us at any second.

I love looking at all the beautiful homes dotted along the shores of Lake Austin and picking out my future house. I’ll take the one with the orange roof please! or which ever one is available. I’m not fussy.

I wouldn’t mind moving back to this city.

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