A Home on Wheels

When I was little, I wanted to live in a small house on a large plot of land surrounded by fruit trees and a creek running through. Oh, and I would be able to fly my house anywhere I wanted. While the flying part might have to wait a few centuries, and the large plot of land another decade, a house that moves is more than plausible. When it comes to a home on wheels, there are more options than I could ever imagine. From the most bare bones:

To the so-luxurious-it’s-nicer-than-my-actual-house homes:

And everything you can imagine in between.

Although the possibilities are endless, I am going to focus on the “traditional” methods:

Camper Trailers
Pros: Comes in various different sizes, can be detached from the towing vehicle, lightweight
Cons: Limited layout options, requires separate insurance

Pros: Comes in various sizes, does not require towing vehicle
Cons: Low gas mileage, expensive

Truck Campers
Pros: inexpensive, lightweight, does not need to be registered in 40 states
Cons: Small spaces, is attached to the vehicle until the trip is over

Tiny Homes
Pros: Beautiful designs, comfortable home like interiors
Cons: Heavy (they are usually made out of wood), expensive


Which one would you choose?

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